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Here's a little recap of all the information we have collected before and during our trip to Cape Verde in August 2013. Enjoy!  How to get to Cape Verde from France? For this first trip abroad together, we went the easy way by taking

Having access to a free shuttle to Mindelo from our hotel, we had several chances to take a stroll and discover this charming city that is the cultural capital of Cape Verde . We

The last day alongside Arlindo promised to be more intense but also more challenging. After buying what was to be our lunch (fruit, bread, canned octopus and tuna and goat cheese) at a gas station near Ponta do Sol, our  dropped

On our second day in Cape Verde, we decided to enjoy the activities offered by our hotel and we registered for the visit of São Pedro, the nearby fishing village. What a surprise when we found out that it was

We had expected, desired and prepared this trip with great anticipation for several reasons. This was our first trip since 2007, our first trip together abroad and also the first time in 4 years that Nathalie had her summer vacation.