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For a weekend, we had a little preview of the huge potential of the very cosmopolitan, alternative and surprising Berlin. Visits, good addresses and unusual activities, here is a summary of our busy weekend in our Berlin handy guide! (N.B German

So, you're planning to visit the Alhambra? No wonder, it is one of the most famous tourist attractions of Spain, it's known worldwide and it clearly didn't steal his popularity! We had the chance to spend our 2016 Valentine's Day there (which is

We are now closing our Corsican trip with our Corsica handy guide. Here, you will find all our top addresses and tips to make your stay on the Island of Beauty memorable, although it does not take too much effort! How to

Here is a small recap of all the information we collected before and during our trip to Stockholm in November 2014. (N.B. Flag found here)  How to get to Stockholm from France? We didn't have a big budget for this trip so