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Here is a small recap of all the information we collected before and during our trip to Stockholm in November 2014. (N.B. Flag found here)  How to get to Stockholm from France? We didn't have a big budget for this trip so

Despite the cold that might sting your eyes, ears and hands (let's be honest), wandering through Stockholm in winter is a very cool activity we were lucky to do with a nice weather. It is always interesting for us to take the time to

Having not been able to visit Buckingham Palace, we were very excited to be able to discover the Royal Palace of Sweden. Once out of the subway in Gamla Stan, simply head north to the imposing palace. Take the southern entrance

After our adventures in London, it was time to go to Stockholm. We arrived in the late morning, eager for discoveries and wonder. We imagined a very hype cosmopolitan capital, very close to nature