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Here is a small recap of all the information we collected before and during our trip to Stockholm in November 2014. (N.B. Flag found here)

 How to get to Stockholm from France?

We didn’t have a big budget for this trip so we decided to go with the Ryanair low cost airline company which is perfect if you plan to spend only a few days in the Swedish capital. While preparing our trip, we found out that we had to go through London if we wanted to travel at those dates. Having a friend living there, we decided to make the most of it by visiting the two capitals at a time. We found a London-Stockholm flight for less than $60 per person! However, it is good to remember that this kind of company does not let you have a lot of flexibility regarding your luggage. It says on their website that only cabin size luggage (1 suitcase with maximum dimensions of 55x40x20cm and up to 10 kg + 1 small bag of 35x20x20 cm per person) are accepted free of charge and it will cost you an extra 50€ ($58) per luggage in the hold. It is possible to test the size and weight of your luggage at the airport to ensure it is well within the dimensions defined by the company. However, our hand luggage, which did not fall strictly within their criteria without weighing 15 kg, have never been tested on our four journeys (we passed through London on the way home). It’s up to you to see if you want to take the risk!


From the airport

From Skavsta airport, you will have to take a coach from the Flygbussarna company to get to the center of Stockholm. The airport is not very big so you can’t go wrong! Just follow the signs to the airport coaches departure area. The ride to Cityterminalen costs about $17 and takes about 80 minutes. This pleasant trip was an opportunity to see for the first time the swedish countryside which was just the way we pictured it with a lot of pine trees forests. Consider buying your ticket online, you will be able to receive a QR Code e-ticket on your smartphone turning it into a transport ticket, very convenient!

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Flygbussarna bus



We decided to take the subway to get around town. We first had to buy an Access card for 20 SEK, just like in London, which we then had to charge using the machines provided in the station. We charged it for 3 days (230 SEK full price, 140 SEK for minors) but you also have the option to use a package for a day or a week. It is very simple and convenient to use (despite our faces in the photo!) and this card also gives you free access to the ferry connecting the islands of the archipelago. It is possible for you to plan a simple walk in the meanders of the Swedish subway halls as some stations are a pure work of art. You will easily have the opportunity to stroll and wander the galleries of the subway as the Swedish are not really stressed in public transports, they are very quiet and respectful. The keep-your-right rule doesn’t really apply here. To locate a subway station from the street, simply look out for the big blue T panels in a circle. Finally, note that the city is not really wide and you can easily do many things on foot.

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Figuring out how to charge our transport cards - Stockholm, SwedenSéb in the subway - Stockholm, SwedenAccess transport card - Stockholm, Sweden


Packing your suitcase

We were lucky enough to avoid the snow despite the fact that we went to Stockholm in November. However, keep in mind that the city is made up of many islands leading to the presence of sea air in the streets and thus an icy wind will regularly slap you in the face. So remember to bring gloves, scarf, hat, coat, hide ears and everything you can !! We were not very well covered and it was rough when the thermometer went on the negative side!

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Freezing Nath - Stockholm, Sweden[/photosetgrid]

Where to eat?

We were very surprised to see how little attachment to their traditional food the Swedish had, in Stockholm at least. The day we visited the Royal Palace, we searched for a very long time in the neighborhood for a restaurant serving Swedish food and were very disappointed to only find French, Italian and other types of food. Thus, the only restaurant we went to was a Chinese restaurant, Aberdeen (Östermalm), which served a dagens lunch . For a sweet snack in the middle of the afternoon or even a simple meal, we highly recommend Gildas Rum, one of our favorites! Once through the door, you will find yourself in a cozy and warm candlelit cafe decorated with large ultra comfortable armchairs. Do not hesitate to order a delicious kanellbullar, a Swedish cinnamon pastry, accompanied by a warm drink served in a huge mug. Fun fact: we also had the surprise to taste a very weird sandwich in a snack. We ordered what we thought to be a simple kebab sandwich from the photo and the result was miles away from what we expected! The doubt arose once the server, after filling the galette with meat, lettuce, tomato, onions and french fries, added mashed potatoes and cabbage with a sauce! We were left with a huge strange sandwich accompanied by huge trays of french fries !! Very weird but kind of good (well Seb hated it!).

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Kanelbullar at Gildas Rum - Stockholm, SwedenGildas Rum - Stockholm, SwedenHuge weird wrap sandwich! - Stockholm, Sweden


To see and do

[one_fourth]To see

– City Hall Tower
– Christmas market in Gamla Stan (Stortoget)
– Storkyrkan cathedral


The Royal Palace
Walk on the roofs
– Foteviken viking reserve
– Stockholm Ghost Walk
– Tour of the islands in ferry [/one_fourth]


– Vasa Museum
– Skansen
– Nordiska Museum
– Alfred Nobel Museum[/one_fourth]

[one_fourth_last]Walks and shopping

– Östermalm
– Gamla Stan
– Djurgården
– Sneakersnstuff (sportswear)
– Sture Gallerian
– Pop (vintage shop)
– Stockholm’s Stadsmission (thrift shop)

More infos here

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View on the city center from Katarinahissen - Stockholm, SwedenRoyal Palace - Stockholm, SwedenReplica of the Vasa - Vasa Museum, Stockholm, SwedenAt Pop, a vintage shop - Stockholm, SwedenSneakers at Sneakersnstuff - Stockholm, Sweden


The amounts listed here are for 2 people for 3 days knowing that we were staying at our uncle’s house so no hotel and few meals outside. Some unlisted expenses were paid for us. 

Our budget for Stockholm

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