Liebster Award

A few days ago, we had the pleasant surprise to be nominated for the Liebster Awards by Pam and Melissa from the blog 2 Travel Lovers, only 2 short days after the launch of our blog! It was a great nice surprise and we are very happy today to aswer the questions! For those of you who don’t know, the tradition of Liebster Awards is meant for people to discover new blogs. The nominee must tell 11 things about themselves, answer 11 questions from the person who nominated them and then return the favor to 11 blogs. Let’s go!

Edit: Many thanks to Pépita from Ivresses Gourmandes, Camille and Joris from Envie d’ailleurs and to Farhang and Mursal from Awesome Worldtrip for nominating us as well! Very nice surprises!!

Things about us | Our answers And the nominees are… | Our questions

Things about us

1. We met in high school over 10 years ago
2. Nath truly is a TV shows addict, she’s currently watching 43 shows!
3. Seb was addicted to “2048”, he could spend a whole day playing!
4. On our bucket list you can find the following festivals: TomorrowlandBurning Man, Coachella and the San Diego Comic Con!
5. We love cooking together. You’ll always find some homemade meals in our home!
6. Seb has arachnophobia and Nath hates flying bugs !
7. We went to a Project X party on the beach, one of our best party memories. It was a crazy but cool night that unfortunately ended up quite like in the movie!
8. A perfect evening involves a good bottle of red wine, french cheese and pâté, long talks and we end up dancing like goofs
9. We are totally fast foods addicts
10. We are the ultimate Friends fans (Nath is a little better than Seb 😉 )
11. 5 songs that make us travel : “Major Tom” by Hyphen Hyphen, “Nowhere” by Ninety’s Story, “Happiest Man on Earth” by Broken Back, “Matty Groves” by Moriarty and “The Sun” by The Naked and Famous.

Our answers

1. Tell us a crazy thing that happened during a trip
Nath: I had a big scare in Mindelo, Cape Verde. After a walk in the city, we decided to chill at a cafe. When paying our drinks at the bar, Seb asked the seller to show him where he could buy cigarettes. I sat at the terrace to wait while he went to get some and I saw him going one way. Around 10 seconds later, he passed in front on me, walking the opposite direction! He was following a local and gave me a look that said “What the hell is happening.” I gazed them and then they turned to a street corner, disappearing from my field of vision. After 5 long minutes, the worst things started crossing my mind. I immediately thought of the nice Diesel watch on his wrist and the sunglasses he had hanging from his shirt giving him the good old rich tourist look. Many bad rackets scenarios where he was surrounded by thugs after passing the street corner crossed my mind. I hesitated to follow him but with no cellphone, he wouldn’t be able to get in touch with me in case he came back to the starting point. I imagined having to describe the police his clothing, which I had not noticed that morning. Those were pretty stressing long 10 minutes! What a relief when I saw him coming back smiling explaining that the guy was just trying to con him into paying his cigarettes above the asking price!

2. After your travels, in which city do you see yourself living?
Séb: London, no doubt!
Nath: London or Montreal

3. Where was your first trip?
Séb : When I wad about 14 I had the chance to go with my big brother, who is a steward, on a round trip to Los Angeles, San Francisco and Tahiti. Three unforgettable weeks!
Nath: It was with my big sister when we went to visit our father in Quebec City, I was 7. The three of us took a little road trip and visited Montreal, New York and Pittsburgh, a very nice memory!

Weird kebab4. What’s the weirdest thing you got to taste?
It was in Stockholm. We wanted to eat on the go so we tried to order a simple kebab with french fries in a small snack. We had 2 kebabs with fries and a “bonus” mashed potatoes, cabbage, and 3 or 4 other stuff we have still not identified. You should have seen our faces when the cook was adding these ingredients! Very odd, but it was not so bad. Well obviously we still have some improving to do in the Swedish language!

5. Are you more a lazy beach person, a trek person or a thrill-seeker?
The fun is in diversity! What a pleasure after a long day of walking, to simply relax in a corner of nature. But you’ve forgotten something important! Indeed, what about food? =)

6. Which one do you prefer, big cosmopolitan cities or quiet countryside?
Séb: A slight preference for quiet countryside but it depends on the cities and countrysides 😉
Nath: Definitely the city but I’m starting to like the countryside.

7. Which one do you prefer: hostel, couchsurfing or big hotels? 
We are still far from having tried everything. But our best experiences were those when we were more immersed in local life so rather guest house, even if it was not in the list. We look forward to testing the couchsurfing and hostels!

8. What’s your favorite continent?
We haven’t done enough traveling yet but we have high hopes for Oceania!

9. How many countries have you visited? Name them
Séb: Six. Canada, United States, Cape Verde, England, Sweden, French Polynesia
Nath: Seven. Canada, United States, Italy, Spain, Cape Verde, EnglandSweden

10. Do you have a tradition while traveling?
Séb: I met for the first time one of my Canadian cousins a few months ago. We got along really well and he gave me his favorite hat from his favorite hockey team (Canadian Habs). Ever since, I take it on every trip and I take pictures in front of famous places so that everyone knows that the Habs are the best team ever!

11. What place does travel take in your life?
More and more, we have a lot of trips planned!

And the nominees are…

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The Global coupleBecause we like reading Petra and Shaun’s adventures and loved the fact that they care about the animal condition

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Our questions

1. What’s your traveler motto?
2. What’s your best travel memory?
3. The worst?
4. What do you miss the most while traveling?
5. If you could relive the adventures of one explorer (real or fiction) which one’s would it be and why?
6. What made you become a travel blogger?
7. If you could do it again, would you? What would you do differently?
8. What’s the most important lesson you learned while traveling?
9. What’s the story behind your blog’s name?
10. Tell us 5 things that are on your bucket list
11. Tell us a time where nothing truly went as planned.