Niagara Falls - Canada

There are those places where words are not enough. Niagara Falls are part of those. I could talk about how Man dutifully denatured every bit of land around them. How he transformed a place that once must have had an almost religious aura, into a huge theme park. But that’s not the story I’m going to tell today. We’ll let a rather simple and powerful song of beauty take place instead. So embark and sail to the foot of the “horseshoe” as they call it.

Hornblower Niagara Cruise

The engines are roaring, the sailors are busy letting the last passengers on board, the gulls are screaming, there is no doubt, the departure is getting close. The boat then leaves slowly the Canadian shore. While this metal giant bravely swims upstream, we salute off other adventurers who preceded us and that are now returning to dock, full of memories in their heads and water in their socks! Quickly on our left we find “The veil of the bride”. Spectacular appetizer before the big show. Unfortunately its power is in the process of its undoing. The current is so strong that experts estimate that erosion will result of the falls disappearance within a millennium …

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Rainbow at Niagara Falls - CanadaBoat in the middle of the Niagara Falls - CanadaHornblower, Niagara Falls - Canada [/photosetgrid]

The Captain adjusts our course and here we are, facing the Canadian side, at the famous “horseshoe” (named after its U-shape). As we move slowly and inexorably, the hundreds of birds seem more and more excited. Flying in all directions, shouting, singing, as if they were trying to warn us that Man doesn’t belong in this place. To this still reasonable distance, the huge cloud constantly forming in the pit of the falls seems to reach the sky. One can easily imagine the first people discovering this place, wondering if they had not simply stumbled upon the huge clouds factory. The distance then becomes totally unreasonable, we practically can’t see the sky anymore, just a huge wall of water a few feet away from us. The elements are unleashed, the falls produce a din worthy of a continuous thunder, water whips you from all sides, the wind makes your whole rainproof gear totally obsolete. A true reminder of the immutable force of nature, like a return to its origins. And even the  “Wooo-Girls”  on board won’t disrupt the harmony that awaits you. It is indeed one of those moments when we realize that the infinitely small is not that abstract. Right now, you’re directly experiencing it, little flesh and blood doll that you are, facing the enormity of this place from another age.

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Epic vision of Niagara Falls - Canada Wall of water, Niagara Falls - Canada


You will therefore understand that if Niagara provides many activities detailed in the sidebar (such as a helicopter ride or a visit of the Butterfly Conservatory), none can claim to equal the immersion and excessiveness of a ride on the Hornblower!

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Helicopter view of Niagara city - CanadaAerial view of the Niagara Falls - CanadaNiagara Butterfly Conservatory 2 - CanadaNiagara Butterfly Conservatory - Canada [/photosetgrid]

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  • 14 March 2015

    Love the Falls! Though some argue that it is quite touristy, its natural wonder makes up for it. I still haven’t tried the Maid of the Mist (too frightened to get THAT close to the water)


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