A good fish'n'chips at the Golden Hind - London, England

It was impossible for us to leave London without having tasted a traditional british fish’n’chips. And having failed miserably the first time trying to find the rare pearl using our instincts, we decided to trust our city guide and chose among different options. We finally chose the Golden Hind, which fit perfectly into our itinerary for the day and had very good reviews. The first challenge has been to find the restaurant seen as the Marylebone Lane was convoluted! Perhaps we had not really grasped the logic of London addresses, but we almost gave up after pounding the long street for many minutes and crossing the numbers 40 and 100 without seeing the number 73! However you should persevere as we did and not turn around until you find the Holy Grail, it’s definitely worth the effort!

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The Golden Hind - London, England


When we arrived at the restaurant, we were very pleased to see it was not just another touristic location and the room was mainly composed of all types of Londoners from the suited businessmen to the more modest worker. The retro decor married perfectly with the warm and cozy atmosphere of the room. The owner, an elderly smiling man with a friendly face, pretty quickly set us on a small table for two near the kitchen. We arrived right in the rush, the restaurant was packed and the servers were running in all directions, it was crazy! We were surprised to find out that there were several kinds of fish’n’chips based on very different fish. On the advice of the boss, Antonio, we opted for the more traditional cod and haddock recipes with fries. Furthermore, we took peas and a big pickle called gherkin, again on the advice of Antonio who promised not to charge us if we didn’t like the pickle. Being completely starved, we decided to begin hostilities by a small plate of prawn cocktail, a simple but very good dish. The arrival of the main dishes was welcomed as a blessing and the least we can say is that the plates were generously served! Everything was absolutely delicious and we were pleasantly surprised to see that is wasn’t as much oily as we’d think. The fish was melting on our tongues, the peas were well-cooked, the fries were divine and the pickle brought a perfect hint of spice!

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Cocktail shrimps - Golden Hind, London, EnglandA good fish'n'chips at the Golden Hind - London, EnglandWith Antonio Christou, the owner of the Golden Hind - London, EnglandThe owners of the Golden Hind through time - London, England[/photosetgrid]

Unfortunately, we didn’t have room for any dessert but everything was pretty mouth-watering. The end of the meal was a great opportunity to discuss and exchange with Antonio, who took over the restaurant ten years ago after getting to England from his native Greece. He really is a nice, simple and funny man and it was a real pleasure to lunch at his place. We recommend a thousand times to go to the Golden Hind, you’ll be very well received!

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