Sheeps between Anduze and Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois - France

It’s been now 2 days since we left for our road trip aboard our vintage van and after discovering charming villages of the Cevennes, we were now routing to Anduze.

Change of scenery at the Bamboo garden of Anduze

After several photo stops, we finally arrived at the parking lot of the Bamboo forest and we parked in heights, sheltered from the sun. The park entrance is only a few meters away and we were looking forward to discover this beautiful park. Once inside, we carefully checked out the map to decide of our route. We started by strolling through the Redwoods Alley, which were huge and majestic, enough to feel insignificant! We walked beside these impressive trees and took pleasure in reading the explanations scattered here and there in the park. We soon found ourselves facing the Maze and couldn’t resist the urge to to go inside. Although we didn’t always agree on the way to go, we came out of it about 10 minutes later, amused. Simple but still nice to do, it allowed us to shoot pretty images for our video. We then arrived at the Dragon Valley which arrangement recalls of a Japanese garden, colorful and very well maintained. Certainly the most peaceful and relaxing spot in the park, we happily contemplated it for many minutes before continuing our explorations to the Laotian Village or the Bambusarium. A very nice stroll for sure!

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Entering Anduze - FranceNath at the Anduze bamboo forest - FranceNath at the Anduze bamboo forest - FranceNath in front of a huge sequoia at the Anduze Bamboo forest - FranceAnduze bamboo forest , FranceThe Dragon valley - Anduze Bamboo forest, FranceAnduze bamboo forest - FranceLaotian village - Anduze bamboo forest, France

End of course in Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois

And finally we headed to the last leg of our journey. We had planned to go kayaking on the Herault river the next day and therefore decided to bivouac near the starting point, at the Suspension Bridge. You should know that if you go there before 5pm, the owners of the place will allow you to sleep close to the river. Unfortunately we couldn’t get there in time but we still were able to park in the area to spend what would be our last night as nomads. Seb had the good idea to bring his guitar and he started to play some tunes in this really peaceful place. We almost felt like we were all alone in the world, despite the fact that a few people passed by! After diner, we ended the evening by candlelight before going to bed, exhausted.

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Séb playing the guitar - Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois, France


As soon as we got up, we made our mission to find an ATM in the area since Aupalya, the kayak renting company, exceptionnaly couldn’t process credit card payments. We ultimately found one in Ganges, after searching for an hour ! Back at the Suspension Bridge, we got equipped and listened carefully to the recommendations and it was already time to go. We chose to do the 2-hour 12 km descent, from Ganges to the Suspension Bridge. We were lucky, there are still a lot of water on the course which meant we would be able to have some fun. Nath even fell in the water! It was a very pleasant descent, there was still not a lot of tourists and we got to enjoy the beautiful scenery quietly, a real treat! And since all good things must come to an end, we then had to head back to the CevVan premises to return our house on wheels, very pleased with our roadtrip in the Cevennes and with the head filled with good memories …

[photosetgrid layout=”2″]Kayaking on the Hérault river - Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois, FranceKayaking on the Hérault river - Saint-Bauzille-de-Putois, France[/photosetgrid]

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