Big Ben and the House of Parliament - London, England

What’s cool in London is that there’s a lot to see and do, and most importantly, anything is a good excuse to take a fun little walk around the city, like the time we went to the Tower of London. It’s much more enjoyable to walk around the city above ground rather than doing everything by metro and it’s also how we’ve randomly discovered some nice stuff. Therefore, we decided to turn our visit to Big Ben into a fun walk and we naturally stopped at the Embankment Tube Station which is about 10 minutes walk from the beautiful and large clock.

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Whitehall Gardens panorama - London, EnglandWhitehall Gardens - London, EnglandWhitehall Gardens - London, England[/photosetgrid]

First stop o the Whitehall Gardens, right after the subway exit. There’s not really any particular monument to see there but the little interlude of greenery amidst the bustle of the city was quite nice. A little further on, we came across an impressive commemorative sculpture for the 2 World Wars. It seems that England has been really marked by that time and it’s quite striking to see how many memorials are scattered throughout the city.

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Memorial for World War I - London, EnglandMemorial for World War I - London, EnglandLondon Eye - London, England[/photosetgrid]

A quick glance at the really expensive London Eye (30£, $46.1), which we heard is quite the tourist trap and finally here we are at the foot of the imposing Big Ben adjoining the House of Parliament. We were completely amazed by this magnificent and imposing building and its architecture. It was not easy at all to find the right point of view to get a great picture! Next time, we will try to go up the Thames from the other side.

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Big Ben and the House of Parliament - London, England[/photosetgrid]

After facing Ben, and taking way too many photos, we went to the right and took the first left and there was the Westminster Abbey. Again, a really imposing and absolutely gorgeous building but we must say that the entrance fees of £18 ($27.7) seemed quite excessive to us. We found out a few months later that you can visit it for free by simply attending one of its service! So we decided to kindly admire the building from the outside and have instead visited the St Margaret’s Church which is on your left when you are facing the abbey. Obviously much smaller but still luxurious, beautiful and free!

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Westminster abbey - London, EnglandWestminster abbey - London, EnglandWestminster neighborhood - London, England[/photosetgrid]
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